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Micah and I decided to get off FB and start this little blog. We (hopefully) will be talking about our life, which includes, marriage, kids, chickens, gardens, food, and our life that we are trying to build by being sustainable.
In case y’all weren’t aware, we are getting ready to add our 6th baby to the Martin household. We are very excited! We don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl, just as long as the baby is healthy. :) We are planning a home birth and are very excited. I can’t believe I am 35 weeks, but I am def. starting to feel it!
Looking forward to doing this blog, hopefully y’all will enjoy! Here are some pics of us and our kids.

Looking forward to doing this blog, hopefully y’all will enjoy!481889_10151312785362970_1499692494_n
258711_10151209227287970_1024419092_o 711183_10151317925822970_119219786_o

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