Conducting research paper

1. Start a study of the selected topic. So, the topic you have chosen or buy custom essay. What’s next? Then we begin the research of the topic. Sites, magazines, books, encyclopedias, interviews, individual blog posts – all this will go down for research material. Be sure to check out the subject sites related to your topic. Use at least 5 sources, never rely on 1-2 sources!

Conduct an empirical study. If possible, refer to the old-good empirical studies. What is it? Imagine an article or book written by a recognized expert on the issue you are researching, which has been read and approved by other experts on the issue you are researching. Such materials can be found in scientific journals or online.

Look in the library. The local scientific library is waiting for you, without jokes! This, of course, is the grandfather’s method, but do not treat it with disdain – in libraries full of useful materials! Do not be afraid to seek help from librarians, because, after all, their job is to help visitors to libraries.

Look for materials on the network. Remember, moving on the first three links received in response to the first query, this is not a path of wisdom when writing a research paper. Assess the suitability of found materials critically, do not rush, first read everything that the search engine will find for you, only then draw conclusions. Sites, blogs and forums are not the most reliable sources of information, after all.
If in general, sites on .edu, .gov or .org domains can be trusted, as these are sites of schools, government or organizations related to the topic you are researching.
Change the search query to get different results. If nothing is found, then you need to change the query – it is quite possible that it does not overlap with the headings of articles that would be useful to you.


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